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Our CNAs can accompany you to your doctors or dental appointments (doctors offices often prefer the disabled or elderly patients be accompanied to medical appointments), assisting with care during and following an appointment. Our CNAs may also accompany and assist our clients in the examination room, securely carry their documents, and keep track of new physicians orders. Doing so helps take the strain off family members in providing transportation already burdened with family obligations and work responsibilities.
Our CNAs and home health aides have clean driving records and follow state guidelines, rules and regulations regarding the transportation of patients to and from home based environments. Quality Health Care Solutions is dedicated to providing short-term and long-term transportation services to meet the needs of yourself or a loved one, during all seasons of the year.
We provide caregivers capable of helping you create a meal plan or menu, a shopping list, and accompany you to the grocery store to help you with the shopping and purchasing of your groceries. We’ll help you get the groceries home, put them away, and when desired, prepare your meals.
You or a loved one doesn’t have to worry about paying for a taxi, waiting at a bus stop, or relying and imposing on friends and family members to get to doctor, dental and health care facility appointments. We’re more than happy to provide transportation to and from all your appointments, and provide transportation for other needs, including visiting local events, locations, and family and friends. We understand the importance of social interaction to prevent conditions like isolation and depression.
You and your loved ones can rely on Quality Home Care Solutions to accompany you or your loved one wherever you need to go on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We can even help schedule your appointments and make sure that you get there on time. After your doctors or dental visit, we’re more than happy to take you to the pharmacy or to other facilities for follow-up care and treatments.


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