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Your loved one may not need help with much when it comes to activities of daily living, but he or she may be lonely. Companionship services provided by Quality Home Care Solutions provides the social interaction and stimulation that human beings need to “stay connected”. Companionship services are available for several hours a day, or longer, depending on need and preferences of the client.
Companionship services enable you or your loved one to live the life you want, and help you with day-to-day tasks, running errands, household help, or simple conversation and interaction. Companionship services provided by Quality Home Care Solutions prevent isolation and depression in the home-bound, those recuperating from a long illness or a surgical procedure, or lonely seniors who live alone.
Companions not only visit a home-based environment, but also can take you or your loved one out for a movie, to a restaurant, to the theatre, or to simply have some company went taking care of errands or during appointments.
Companions give you or your loved one someone to talk to, someone to play cards or board games with, or watch favourite television shows together.
At Quality Home Care Solutions, our companions also help organize medications, help you arrange and schedule as well as keep appointments, and deal with your daily physical, mental, and emotional needs. Our trained and experienced caregivers can help you stick to your diet, plan and prepare meals, and make sure that your home provides a safe and comfortable living environment.
Companions can come to your home to read to you, engage in activities such as scrap- booking, or activities such as Scrabble, card games, crosswords, or even a lively discussion regarding current affairs. Whether you want a daily visit, a weekly visit, or bimonthly visits, we customize and cater our companionship services to meet the needs of you and your loved ones.


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