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Statistics show that many home-bound, elderly and disabled individuals living at home have been or are diagnosed with malnutrition. At Quality Home Care Solutions, our caregivers are well versed in meal planning and preparation.
Seniors need nutritious and well-balanced meals. Quality Home Care Solutions provides in-home meal planning and preparation so that you don’t have to worry that your loved one getting adequate nutrition. We address special dietary needs including those on diabetic, gluten-free, sodium free, cardiac, renal, and hypoglycaemic diets.
Our caregivers can help plan nutritious meals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, ensuring that you or a loved one is eating three nutritious meals a day. We use the recommended food pyramid as our main resource for meal planning, and will help you create your grocery list, take you grocery shopping to ensure that you have adequate amounts of dairy products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and meat, fish and poultry.
We understand that meal preparation can be overwhelming to seniors, especially those without adequate transportation. We provide transportation to and from the grocery store, and help with unloading, storing, and preparing your food. We also prepare meals and ensure that food is ready now, or later.
We can cater nutritional needs to meet the specific needs of our clients based on age, existing medical conditions, and a doctor’s orders. We also provide support and supervision for those who struggle with food preparation and cooking. We work with clients and family members when preparing menus and ensure that foods on the list are okay for any medications our clients may be taking.
We understand that the process of grocery shopping can be physically and mentally exhausting for our clients, and if necessary, may go to the store and purchase groceries alone. At Quality Home Care Solutions, we’re more than happy to cater to your or loved ones needs when it comes to meals, meal planning and eating.


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