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Occupational therapy is not the same as physical therapy. Occupational therapy is defined as a treatment or method of treating individuals with a long-term illness, disability, or one recovering from injury or surgery through the therapeutic use of utensils as well as practice with everyday activities.
Quality Home Care Solutions provides a variety of therapists to meet your needs, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language therapy. Occupational therapists help you develop, recuperate from, and enhance and improve skills needed for daily living activities. At Quality Home Care Solutions, we employ trained, licensed, and experienced occupational therapists to create individualized treatment plans that meet patient needs and offer reachable goals.
Our occupational therapists help individuals with disabilities or conditions relating to or resulting from illness, stroke or injury using specific exercises. Occupational therapists are especially adept at encouraging and facilitating use of adaptive aids and equipment to deal with changes in cognitive or physical abilities. Our therapists work with seniors and the disabled, encouraging them and helping them to lead more active and independent lives. Assessing our client’s abilities and environment enables our therapists to make recommendations, remove potential fall hazards and suggest specific types of adaptive equipment that are functional in the home environment.
Quality Home Care Solutions also provides access to occupational therapists who specialize in working with individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, various forms and levels of dementia, and those requiring mental and emotional support. The main focus of our occupational therapist is to aid our clients in adapting their physical and cognitive abilities to their current living environment and vice versa.
We take pride in our ability to customize and cater to the needs of your loved one, assessing, creating, and monitoring a treatment plan that best promotes the overall health and well-being of our clients, their safety, and their independence.

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