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What  Can You Expect from Elderly Care Service Providers?

When choosing home-based elderly care services, the most important question to ask is whether the provider offers the help and services that your loved one needs. For example, does Mom need help with bathing, or does Dad need help with meal preparation? Does your loved one required supervision when it comes to taking medications, or does Mom just need some companionship and someone to talk to on a daily basis?


At Quality Home Care Solutions, we encourage seniors, their families, and loved ones to research home-based care, whether Dad needs help following a hospital surgery or Mom is experiencing increasing complications from diabetes. Quality Home Care Solutions provides highly trained, experienced, competent and compassionate services, and our services are monitored and assessed on a regular basis. Whether your loved one has been diagnosed with cognitive impairment or Mom needs help every morning dressing, grooming, and eating, when it comes to elder care, choose those with the experience, training, and expertise to give your loved one the care they deserve.


Determining whether your loved one requires non-medical or medical-based services is important in assessing their emotional, mental and physical needs. In some cases, a combination of the types of care may be required in order to improve a loved one’s quality of life. For example, a loved one diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, or Alzheimer’s may need more supervision and hands-on medical care than a senior who simply needs some extra hands to help prepare meals or take care of errands.

We provide hourly and daily care based on the needs of each individual, and are available 24/7 to help not only your loved ones, but to provide support for family members in caregiving scenarios.


At Quality Home Care Solutions, we know the difference, and regardless of type of care, we provide trained, skilled nursing staff, physical therapists, and nurse’s aides that provide the best in quality, compassionate and efficient elderly care for your loved one.

Know What to ask When Facing Elderly Care for Your Loved One

For many families, considering the need for elderly care for a loved one is not an easy decision to make. When it comes time to make such decisions, it’s important to know what type of questions to ask regarding providers.


Elderly home care is a term that describes a vast range of services provided by home care specialists, offered to an individual in their home environment. Such services can range from help with meals, to wound care, the companion services or occupational therapy.


At Quality Home Care Solutions, custodial and skilled nursing care offers highly trained, experienced and certified providers. Ask about type of services provided. Some of the most common services that Quality Home Care Solutions provides in-home-based environments includes but is not limited to:


    * Bathing and grooming

    * Incontinence care

    * Mobility and ambulation

    * Medication, reminders, dispensation and/or supervision

    * Care for those diagnosed with a cognitive impairment

    * Assistance with activities of daily living (ADL)

    * Transportation to and from doctors offices, grocery stores, or errands


It’s also important to ask what types of care are offered. At Quality Home Care Solutions, we provide skilled care and non-skilled care, known as custodial care. Skilled nursing care provides aid to an individual with health or physical needs such as medication, therapy, or wound care. Non-skilled care or custodial care provides assistance with the basics of daily living including dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, and so forth.


At Quality Home Care Solutions, we know how important it is for your loved one to be cared for effectively, efficiently and with compassion and understanding. Our nurses and nurse’s aides are trained to provide services from helping Mom get dressed to keeping Dad company in the evening. Our therapists are available to provide occupational and physical therapy for those recovering from illness, surgery, or trauma.


When it comes to elderly care for your loved one, Quality Home Care Solutions will treat your family members just like our own.

Home Care Services Often Combine Disabled care and Elderly Care within the Same Home-Based Care Environment

Homecare services cover a broad range of services that often focus on disabled care as well as elderly care, sometimes both combined in the same home-based environment. When it comes to the disabled, the focus of home-based care is toward independence and improved quality of life. At Quality Home Care Solutions, our compassionate, experienced, and qualified healthcare professionals help you or your loved one attain the greatest degree of security, independence, and quality of life as possible.


Care for the disabled may include physical care, or mental and emotional support. Our rehabilitation professionals are trained to offer physical, occupational and speech and language therapy, depending on need, situation and prognosis. Personal care services range from post-amputation assistance to help and support with activities of daily living or ADLs.


Whether you or a loved one is physically disabled from an amputation, a stroke, an accident or post-surgical care, our home care solutions can help you deal with the changes, stress, and concerns regarding your environment, your daily tasks, and your emotional and mental well-being. For those diagnosed with various forms of dementia, disabled care focuses on supervision, security, and comfort of the individual whether you’re looking for hourly care, live-in care, or companionship or respite care services.


Our skilled nursing staff and certified nursing assistants are experienced in providing care for the disabled, whether your loved one is a small child, a teen, an adult, or a senior. We cater and customize care plans to meet the needs of each individual in their environment, and work with family members, doctors and other care-giving or support staff to provide well-rounded care that meets the physical, emotional and mental needs of our clients.


Caring for someone who is disabled, whether mentally or physically, is not easy, and often places a great burden on family members who are not specifically trained to deal with such scenarios and demands. At Quality Home Care Solutions, we’ll step in and share the burden with you, giving you the support, knowledge, and experience that you or your loved one needs in order to ensure their continued safety, level of independence, and comfort.


When seeking providers for disabled care in home care based scenarios, choose those who provide a wide range of services in personal care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitative services, including general elderly care. Of ultimate importance is safety and security. Quality Home Care Solutions provides professionals certified in licensed through the Virginia Department of Health and professional nursing organizations.

Quality Home Care Solutions Provides Compassionate, Effective Disabled Care Services

At Quality Homecare Solutions, we know and understand that providing home-based disabled care for a loved one can not only be physically challenging, but also mentally and emotionally trying. Experiencing such feelings is nothing to be ashamed of, and is perfectly understandable. That’s why it’s important for those meeting the challenges of care for a disabled child, adult, or senior citizen to gain the utmost in support to help meet those needs.


Does your loved one, regardless of age, require some form of disability care? Such services describe a broad range of care, from a child confined to a wheelchair due to a genetic condition to a senior citizen recuperating from surgery, an accident, or a chronic and debilitating illness.


Quality Home Care Solutions is available 24 hours a day, with our Virginia-based staff fully trained, license, and certified by the Virginia Department of Health. Staff provides both skilled and custodial services, meaning that everything from wound care and physical therapy to help with dressing, bathing, and food preparation is covered.


Throughout the care-giving process, the disabled individual’s present as well as future emotional and physical needs and goals are continually assessed in order to provide a seamless flow of services, support and care that provide you and your loved ones with a sense of stability, dependability, and most importantly, peace of mind.


At Quality Home Care Solutions, we’re available to take care of the more difficult tasks so that you can concentrate and focus on what you should be doing, which is loving and spending quality time with your loved one.


Engage the services of professional, experienced and certified nurses, physical therapists, and nurse’s aides in providing the hands-on support to you and your loved one need during trying times. Quality Home Care Solutions is experienced in a wide range of disabled care services that will support the emotional as well as physical needs and well-being of your loved one.

Home Care and Disabled Care and Services Are an Important Part of Elderly Care Scenarios

Often, when people think of home care, or home health care, they think of a nurse’s aide coming to a residence and helping an old person get dressed or take a bath. In truth, disabled care and services involve much more than that. Dedicated and qualified care for the disabled, whether an individual is five years old or 80, requires special training, experience, and qualifications. Quality Home Care Solutions provides the training and experience needed to offer safe and compassionate care for disabled individuals, whether they’ve been diagnosed with a form of dementia, paralyzed from a stroke, or are recovering from surgery or accident.


In home care environments, disabled care may include but is not limited to helping individuals with their activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, and feeding, but may also include help or support with mobility and other necessities including shopping, food preparation, and medication support. When looking for home-based services, choose a provider capable of offering the services that your loved one needs. Careful assessment of the individual, his or her home environment, and diagnosis and prognosis are all part of assessing the needs of the disabled individual.


When it comes to home care, choose a facility or provider that offers skilled nursing care, including transportation to and from doctor’s office visits, clinical assessment and monitoring for those requiring wound care, medical or medication supervision, as well as access to therapy services, whether it be physical, occupational or speech and language, depending on need and scenario.


Quality Home Care Solutions provides numerous personal care services for the disabled, including meal planning and preparation, post-amputation assistance, hourly care, live-in care, and companionship services. Trained, experienced and qualified healthcare professionals may also accompany the disabled to their doctor or dental appointments as well as to help with shopping, errands, or providing transportation to visit family, friends, or social events.


Home care and disabled care often go hand in hand with scenarios of elderly care, depending on individual case scenarios. Regardless of your needs, Quality Home Care Solutions provides home based services that will help maintain or improve the quality of life for yourself or a loved one. Nurses, rehabilitation therapists and specialists, certified nursing assistants and home health aides are certified and licensed through the Virginia Department of Health as well as professional nursing organizations.


Quality Home Care Solutions can help relieve the burden, stress, and concerns of those providing disabled care for a loved one. No one should go through that alone, and we’re here to help, 24/7 if needed.

Disabled care Services Provides Emotional and Physical Support

Disabled care providers offer support and services to individuals, regardless of age, who need help with daily activities of living (ADLs) in order to increase independence, safety, and quality of life. Family members and loved ones of a disabled person are often overwhelmed with the physical, mental and emotional challenges of providing constant care. While care-giving can be an extremely rewarding experience for many, it may also cause stress, strain, and in some cases, exhaustion.


At Quality Home Care Solutions, we provide numerous options to help you care for a disabled loved one. Let us help deal with the physical care of your loved one so that you can focus on spending quality, loving, and supportive time with your child, parent, or relative. At Quality Home Care Solutions, we provide skilled as well as an unskilled (custodial) services that meet a variety of needs in home-based environments. Our nurses, therapists, and nurse’s aides are trained, certified, and knowledgeable, capable of providing you with the quality care you and your loved one deserves while offering you the support you need.


Quality Home Care Solutions is available 24/7, serving the Virginia region in providing numerous services from companionship to transportation, from wound care, physical and occupational therapy to helping your loved one at meet daily activities of living including bathing, grooming, toileting, dressing, and feeding.


Whether Mom needs help with grocery shopping and food preparation or Dad needs supervision with medications, or your child needs therapy, Quality Home Care Solutions is here for you. Let us be the shoulder you lean on so that you can provide the best in caring, compassion, and support to meet the emotional and physical needs of your loved one, regardless of age or environment.


Everyone deserves the best that life has to offer, regardless of its limitations. At Quality Home Care Solutions, we’re dedicated and focused on improving quality of life with excellent, efficient and compassionate disabled care, whenever you need it.

Seek the Best in Elderly Care and Disabled Care in Home Care Scenarios with Quality Home Care Solutions

Your loved one is important, and Quality Home Care Solutions knows and understands the importance of excellence in elderly care as well as disabled care for individuals in home-based environments. Home-based care covers a broad range of services and periods, depending on needs of the client and/or family caregivers. Customized care plans are designed for every individual and situation.


When it comes to providing care for the elderly, their safety, security, their peace of mind is of utmost importance. The elderly have special needs, and may have difficulty ambulating, shopping, preparing food, dressing, and bathing. Quality Home Care Solutions provides help and support with activities of daily living, called ADLs. Any home-based care giving process begins with assessing the needs of the individual, whether they’re elderly, disabled, or slowed down by post-surgical recuperation, a recovery process following a stroke or heart attack, or required by individuals diagnosed with various forms and severities of dementia.


Home care is becoming more prevalent these days, as a rising health care costs, restrictions, finances and regulations often limit an individual’s access to assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. Home-based care provides skilled professionals who visit the home on a regular basis to care for, oversee, or supervise ADLs, medications, wound care, mobility, and even daily chores such as shopping, food preparation, cooking, and so forth.


When seeking care for an elderly or disabled individual in home care scenarios, it’s important for the individual and family members to carefully check the training, experience, and qualifications of caregivers. Quality Home Care Solutions provides the best in care for skilled nursing, personal care, and rehabilitation services, based on need.


Seniors recuperating from stroke, speech or language difficulties, or dementia often require occupational, physical and speech and language therapy. Quality Home Care Solutions provide trained and certified staff that can help you or a loved one along the way toward recovering skills and capabilities through qualified and experienced therapists. Home health aides provide caring and compassionate personal elderly care and disabled care, from meal planning and preparation to bathing and dressing, to companionship services.


Quality of life is important in any aspect of elderly care or disabled care in home based environments. When seeking home care services, look for providers that have you or your loved one’s best interests in mind. At Quality Home Care Solutions, we believe that your loved ones deserve the best in compassionate, experienced, and skilled care in the security and comfort of the home.

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