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At Quality Home Care Solutions, we invoice for services on a weekly or biweekly schedule. Many families seeking home health care or home care solutions are surprised to discover that Medicare or Medicaid does generally not cover such services. In some cases, veteran’s benefits may be used for home based healthcare scenarios.
Quality Home Care Solutions strives to work with you and your loved ones in paying for quality home care services. Some states offer help with medical assistance, although most of our clients are private payers. Private pay means that individuals pay for the cost of services out-of-pocket, not through government monies. Common methods for covering costs of our home-based services include out-of-pocket, private care arrangements, as well as long-term care insurance benefits.
Rates for home based services vary by providers, but are often available in hourly rates, five-hour, and eight-hour shifts or longer, as well as customized hourly, daily, or long-term scenarios, depending on client, situation, and preference.
Personal income and assets typically pay for services, although some insurance policies may set aside monies to be paid out for home-based healthcare needs. It pays to know what your health or medical insurance company typically pays or will not pay for home-based care, but we at Quality Home Care Solutions will work closely with you in order to meet financial arrangements and obligations.
In most situations, individuals may not need rehabilitation or extensive care that might otherwise be provided in long-term care centers or skilled nursing facilities. Private pay home care is an excellent option for those recovering from a surgical procedure, a long illness, or those requiring support for chronic and/or debilitating conditions or diseases.
Private pay home-based care increases in individuals ability to maintain independence and self-reliance, as services provided by us include transportation and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), as well as companionship services that otherwise would not be available.


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