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At Quality Home Care Solutions, we know how important it is for you to communicate your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Those who can’t communicate such things often deal with impatience and frustration, and eventually anger and depression. Speech and language therapy is often needed after a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, or a heart attack. At Quality Home Care Solutions, we provide access to trained, experienced and licensed speech and language therapists who can work with you or a loved one with their communication difficulties or problems.
Speech and Language Therapy Speak and language therapists are extremely important for those diagnosed with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, mouth or throat cancer, hearing loss, dementia, stroke, and psychiatric disorders.
Our speech and language therapists also work with individuals diagnosed with swallowing difficulties, working with you or your loved one’s primary care provider and other health experts and therapists. Our speech and language therapists are capable of assessing as well as treating swallowing difficulties and communication problems as a result of an acquired disorder, following stroke or injury, or those caused by congenital birth defects.
Our therapists are capable of creating, implementing and adapting treatment programs based on needs.
Communication is essential, and our speech and language therapists will work with you or a loved one carefully, monitoring and continually evaluating your progress. At Quality Home Care Solutions, our speech and language therapists are able to set personal goals for you and your loved ones as well as plan and deliver adequate training sessions for the optimal improvement of communication.
Speech and language therapy addresses a number of issues, including difficulty producing or using speech, difficulty understanding language, and difficulty with swallowing, feeding, or chewing.
Our speech and language therapist cater their treatments and methods based on individual need, scenario, and goals, individualizing exercises and therapies that work best with you or your loved one’s personality, capabilities and goals.


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